The laminated Pick 6 Sports Playcard is a visual tool that can be used to help the kids be successful.  Coaches are not required to use the play card provided by Pick 6 and coaches are welcome to use their own plays.  Coaches should have a visual reference for the kids to use in the huddle.    

When designing your own play card:

  1. Have a Visual Card that you can show the kids in the huddle so that they can quickly recall the play and their responsibilities
  2. Ensure a good mix of running and pass plays
  3. Have a variety of plays that allow you as a Coach to get all players involved in the game
  4. Review and practice the plays during practice.  This allows the kids to have had a chance to practice the play and will help you as a coach understand which plays will work in the game and which plays may need to be worked on in the future.