When building teams we look at a number of things to group kids onto a team.  Below is the process / order we use when building out the teams.

  1. Coach Request / Coach Input - A request to play on a certain coaches team.  We do work with the coaches as well in situations where they have an established team and there are more than 10 kids who have requested to be on the team.  
  2. Buddy / Friend Request - This is the list of friends that are included in a Child's registration
  3. School - Grouping kids by the school they attend.  The goal is to get kids on a team with someone they know
  4. Geographic Location - Grouping kids who live in similar areas
  5. Randomly assign to a team if we aren't able to fit into one of the above scenarios.
For team names, we look at the volunteer coach preference when deciding the NFL team.  We do ask coaches for 3 choices to allow us to try to get a coach the ability to be 1 of their choices.  

Please note that we do limit our team sizes to 10 kids.  In cases where there are significantly more than 10 kids we do work to split those up into 2 teams.