At Pick 6 Sports expect all kids to play at least 50% of the game on average during the course of the season.  

Playing Time Expectations:
  • Kid should play on average 50% of the game.  We know some weeks this may be more or may be less.  The reason it could vary some weeks: turn overs, quick scoring drives, long scoring drives, or different number of team members who are attending that week's game.  Over the course of the season kids should be playing 50% of the game. 
  • Kids should play both Offense and Defense. This isn't the NFL where you specialize a position on offense or defense for the entire season.  Pick 6 Sports is a recreational league where kids have the opportunity to play all different positions.  
  • Every kid should have the opportunity to touch the ball every game.  Being the center and hiking the ball doesn't count as "touching" the ball.  Kids should either have the opportunity to run, throw, or catch the ball.  

Best Practices for Ensuring Playing Time:
  • Ensure you have an assistant coach or parent who is managing your substitutions on the sidelines.  This ensures as a coach you can focus on the field, while knowing all kids are getting playing time.   
  • On Change of possessions you should clear your bench.  Meaning that everyone is on your sideline should come into the game.
    • If you have 4 kids on the bench this means that 4 kids come out of the game and 1 child stays in the game.  
  • Practice what you are going to do in the game.  The best way for a kid to be successful is to have done it before. 
    • Practice plays and ensure the kids understand what they are doing
    • Don't put in a brand new play on the fly in the game as those typically don't work
    • Ensure the plays are designed for kids to be successful.  Don't design a 30 yard pass play when your quarterback can only throw 10 yards. 
  • Work to get kids involved in your offense early in the game.  This ensures that you get everyone the ball and not waiting until the last 10 minutes of a tight game to get everyone a chance with the ball.   
  • Make it fun for all kids and celebrate all kids success and contributions to the team

Got Concerns with a child not being played either as a Coach or a Parent?

  • Don't wait until after the game to let us know!  There is nothing we can do to fix or resolve the situation on a Monday afternoon around the game that took place on Sunday.  
  • Give us the opportunity at half time of the game to resolve the issue so that the child can have a positive experience and go home with a smile on their face.
  • Parents - Please notify our field manager, wearing a bright green Shirt / Hoodie.  He or she can then come over and talk with the volunteer coach to ensure kids are receiving playing time.  This allows us to resolve the issue during the game to ensure that kid has a great experience.
  • Coaches - Please bring your concern to the Referee that the opposing coach is not subbing in all of their kids on the bench.  The referee will address it or notify our field manager to address it.