Our preference would be to use the Pick 6 ball that is provided to the coaches.  The main reason why we use that ball is that is the same ball everyone has and allows us to quickly get the plays set up on change of possession.  The more plays we can get into a game, the more chances each kid has to touch the ball. 

Using a Non Pick 6 Sports Football

  • Both Teams coaches need to agree to use the same ball (should be done during practice)
  • Ball must be regulation size for the age group.  What size ball is used?
  • In situations where only 1 team is wanting to use a different ball
    • Team using the ball will need to provide ball boy/girl to ensure the ref is getting the right ball for each team.  (Both home and away team)
    • If this slows down the game, Ref will switch back to using Pick 6 Game Ball