There are a number of events that constitutes a safety within Pick 6 Sports.  The primary thing we look at is did the offensive player have possession of the ball and are they in the end zone with the ball when the action occurs to end the play.  Please review the below examples:

Scored as a Safety

  • Quarterback or Runners flags are pulled in their end zone.  
  • Offensive Player runs out of the back of their end zone or side of their end zone
  • Offensive player fumbles the ball in the end zone after having possession
  • Offensive Player commits a Spot penalty in the end zone
    • Flag Guarding
    • illegal Contact - Blocking

Not Scored as a Safety

  • Snap goes over the head of the quarterback and lands in the end zone
    • A bad / fumbled Snap can never result in a safety
  • Quarterback Pitches the ball from outside of the end zone and it lands in the end zone.
    • Ball would be marked at spot where quarterback pitches the ball
    • If Quarterback was standing in end zone at time of pitch then it would be a safety
How is a Safety Scored and who gets possession?

When a safety occurs the defense is awarded 2 points and is given possession of the ball at their 5 yard line.  Please note this is a change from the Pick 6 Sports 2014 to 2016 rule book.