Pick 6 Sports games can not end in a tie, we use a OT format that is similar to a College Football overtime period to determine a winner.  Teams will get 2 downs to score from either the 2 point or 1 point line with both teams getting a chance.

How Overtime Works:  

- The Home Team or Higher Seed team gets to determines if they want possession of the ball first in the the first overtime
period or start on defense.

- The Referee will pick which end zone will be used for Overtime as both teams will use the same endzone.  

- Each team will get a chance to go either for 1 point or 2 points in the overtime period. If the first
team scores 1 point, the 2nd team can elect to go for 2 points to try to win it in Overtime or 1 point to tie and force another overtime period. If the 2nd team only goes for 1 to tie it, the first team would win the game if
the 2nd team does not score.

- The Coach will let the referee know if his team is going for 1 point or 2 points.  The 1 point is from the blue cone and is pass only.  The 2 point try is from the orange cone and is pass or run.  

  1. One Point Try– If the coach elects to go for 1 point, the ball will be spotted at the 5 yard
    line and the team will have 2 attempts to score the 1 point. The one point is a pass
  2. Two Point Try- If the coach yard line and the team will have 2 attempts to score the 2
    points. From the 2 point conversion line teams can run or pass. If the first attempts
    ends within the pass only zone, the 2nd attempt will be tried from the spot of the ball and
    be a pass only attempt.
  3. Interceptions are a live ball and the team can score on an interception in overtime. The
    ball must be returned to the other end zone (a Pick 6) to score to win. A pick 6 score will end the game.  
- At the end of the over time period the team with more points will be the winner.  If the teams are still tied they will play a 2nd overtime.
  1. For the 2nd Overtime the team who started the 1st overtime on Defense will start on offense.  (Rotates each overtime period)
  2. Same rules for the 2nd Overtime period
  3. For the 3rd Overtime period teams must go for 1 point try and only get 1 down each.  This is a pass only play.  (Please note the ball in pass only situations must cross the line of scrimmage in the air)

Rule Reminders:

- All regulation period rules and penalties are in effect. All kids should play on either offense or

- There are no time-outs.  

- The 30 second play clock is still in effect.  

- Interceptions are Live Balls and can be returned for a score. 

- On Pass only plays the ball must cross the line of scrimmage.  Passes throw behind the line of scrimmage in pass only situations will be flagged as an illegal play and result in a 10 yard penalty and loss of down.  When teams are able to run or pass, situation the ball may be caught behind the line of scrimmage.