No, we don't allow kids to play down an age level.  We definitely understand that kids want to play with their friends but also want to ensure we have the right age / developmental skill levels playing together on the field.  We also feel that by playing with kids in your grade level you will know someone or have friends at that grade level.  

In some rare cases we will approve a child to play down.  In these cases we will review the child's birthday compared to the other kids signed up at that lower level.  If the child who wants to play down is at the average age for that age level we may make an exception.  Typically this is a situation where the child the youngest in their grade at school for a variety of reasons.  

To request a review please send an email to or click on Submit a Request at the top of the page.  For these reviews we wait until 30 days before the program starts to allow us to get a good view of the age groups of the kids signed up.