Pick 6 Sport does offer a few different scholarship programs:

More than 50% Scholarship - Pick 6 Sports wants to ensure that all kids have the opportunity to play flag football and we have partnered with Kids in the Game to offer scholarships.  (Utah and California are outside of the service area for this program)

To apply for a scholarship reach out to the Kids in the Game Website to submit an application:  https://kidsinthegame.org/programs/pnw/pass/

Please note that for Kids in the Game, families are required to submit paper work to show that they are qualified for free / reduced lunch programs or meet other requirements.

50% or Less - Pick 6 Sports Foundation does help support kids who either don't qualify with Kids in the Game or need only a partial scholarship.  To request this:
  1. Please complete the registration until you are asked for payment
  2. Email customerservice@pick6sports.com and request a scholarship.  Please let us know the amount of assistance you need. 
  3. Once approved, Pick 6 Sports will add on the scholarship and let you know that you can make payment. 
  4. Scholarships do not cover things such as swag bags, footballs, or socks. 
  5. Pick 6 Sports foundation has a limited amount and scholarships are given out on a season by season basis.  
For further questions please reach out to customerservice@pick6sports.com