Teams are seeded for the playoffs based on their wins and loss record.  For tie breakers we use the following format:

1st Tie Breaker:  Head to Head versus teams that have similar records.  If teams tied during the regular season, please see below scenarios. 

Teams Still Tied after Head to Head?

  • Both teams will make the playoffs?  If that is the case the we randomly draw out the seeding out of a hat.  Example is that both teams have the best record and we are deciding who is the 1 seed and who is the 2 seed.  We will draw team names out of a hat.  They can then settle the tie during the playoff bracket.  

  • Only 1 team will make the playoffs?  A 30 minute tie breaker game will be set up the week prior to the playoffs or the teams will meet the day of the playoff game to break the tie.  Example is we have 2 teams tied for the #4 seed and only 1 team can advance.  We think the best way to settle a tie is to play the game to see who wins.  

As a reminder points scored during the season do not have any impact on playoff seedings.