Pick 6 Sports works hard to have kids play together with their friends, as studies have found that playing with friends is a main reason why kids play sports!

We try to make it easy for the kids to be on your team:
  • Tell the kids when signing up to request you as a Coach in the Coach Request
  • When you complete your  Volunteer to Coach Background Check please list the kids that you want on your team
  • Click on Submit a Request at the top of this page and let us know the name and we can update the names on your registration

Please Note:
  • Teams are limited to 10 kids to ensure playing time and to make it easy for coaches to rotate kids into the game.  
  • if you have a group of 14 to 18 kids, we recommend splitting the teams into 2 teams.  
    • For teams that split we can work to schedule the practice at the same time so that teams can practice as a larger team and then break into the smaller teams for the game
  • Take advantage of early registration prices and sign up early!  Don't wait until after the registration to try to sign up a full team as we may not have room.  

Resources:  You can find the links to the Volunteer to Coach link our our Coaches Page.