Rosters are released to parents 2 weeks prior to the start of the season or first day of the program.  For our coaches who have signed up to volunteer to coach, rosters are released in a draft form to them about 3 days prior to being released to parents.  The purpose behind this pre release is to give coaches a preview of the rosters to allow you to double check to ensure we have the right kids on your team.  

Roster Release Time Lines

  • Coaches:  17 to 18 days before the start of the Season
  • Parents: 14 days before the season  - Typically released on a Monday


Renton Spring Season starts on Saturday March 25th.  

  • Coaches Preview to be released either Friday March 10th or Saturday March 11th. 
  • Rosters published for Parents on Monday March 13th

If rosters are done earlier we will release them earlier for review and also release them earlier to parents.