At Pick 6 Sports, the time commitment to be a volunteer coach is a very similar to the time commitment as your child.  Coaching is roughly a 2.25 hour a week commitment.  If you are sitting on the sideline cheering on your child at practice and game, why not become part of the team!  

Coaching Time Commitment:
  • Before the Season - 2.5 Hours
    • 1 Hour Coaches Clinic - Typically a week prior to start of the season
    • 30 to 45 Minutes to do Pre Season Coaches Certification - Online Certification
    • 15 Minutes to send team a Welcome Email
    • 15 Minutes to review rule book and other resources
  • During the Season - 2.25 hours a week
    • 15 to 20 Minutes Practice Prep - Review Fundamental of Week Video, Write out Practice Plan
    • 1 hour Practice
    • 1 Hour Game