We understand that the majority of kids in the Seattle area are 12's to the core!  Pick 6 Sports is a proud member of the NFL Flag program and part of the fun of this program is getting to have teams represent all 32 NFL Teams.  It is like a mini Red Zone out at the field where you can see all of the different NFL teams play each week.

How are teams chosen to wear Seahawks Jerseys?  For the Seahawks we work to assign that to a returning team that has previously played in a previous season but hasn't had the chance to be the Seahawks yet.  We do limit a team to wear Seahawks to 1 season during a calendar year to allow other teams to be the Seahawks.  We do have alteast 1 Seahawks team per location.  

How are teams assigned?  Teams are either picked by the Coach as we try to give our volunteer coaches one of their top 3 choices or it is randomly assigned.  

Got a Favorite team you'd like to be?
 Get your coach to register early as we do give our coaches input on what NFL Team they want to be.  Team names are typically selected 4 weeks in advance to allow for us to order jerseys, so please ensure you register to coach early to allow us to consider your preferences.