Cleats are not required but are recommended for the older age groups. (3rd grade and up)  If you have a pair of soccer cleats in the closet those work great for our program! 

When buying cleats:

  • Soccer cleats work great for Flag Football and are easy to find during all seasons.  Plus they are available in a lot of fun colors!  
    • Football cleats can be hard to find outside of the Fall Time frame and typically have limited color options.
    • A lot of our younger players also play soccer, so just use the ones you already have in the closet, as those work great
  • Cleats can not be metal.  They should be molded or rubber bottom.  Removable or screw on cleats are permitted.  Just be aware these cleats typically are more expensive and uncomfortable for younger players.  
  • Comfort is Key.  The most important aspect of a cleat is to ensure it fits properly, and is comfortable.  For flag football kids will be wearing these for 8 to 10 weeks.