Yes we do allow kids to play up 1 level with their friends if they are within 1 grade level of the next division and the coach of the team approves.  

Below are some scenarios where we would approve the child to play up:

  • John is a 4th grader and would like to play with Coach Rodney's 5th and 6th Grade Team.  Coach Rodney has had John on his team a number of years and feel John would do great! Coach Rodney has no concerns about John playing up.  
  • Last year Renton Ravens 5th and 6th Grade team was made up of half 5th graders and half 6th graders.  Now half the team is in 7th grade and the team still wants to play together.  In this situation we would recommend that the team play up in the 7th and 8th grade level so they can all stay together. 
  • Brady has played the last 4 seasons at the Pre School / Kindergarten Level.  Brady is scheduled to be at that grade level again for a 5th season but would like to play up at the next level to get a different experience with the game.  In this case we would approve Brady playing up a level.   
  • Coach Glenn is coaching his oldest child's team at the 5th and 6th grade level.  His younger son is a 4th grader and feels it would be appropriate to have him play up on his team due to his experience level.  
Below are scenarios where we would have the child play at their age group:

  • Stacy is a 1st grader and would like to play with her brother who is a 4th grader.  In this situation we would have Stacy stay and play with other 1st and 2nd graders as it would be a much better experience for her to play with kids at her age level.  
  • John is a 4th grader and would like to play with Coach Rodney's 5th and 6th Grade Team.  Coach Rodney does not feel that it would be best for John to play up and recommends that John plays at the younger age level to get more experience and continue to build self confidence.  In this instance the Coach does not feel it is best for the child to play up and we would not approve the child playing up.  
  • My 5 year old is the next football superstar and playing in his first flag football league ever.  I want him to play up with the older kids.  We love the enthusiasm from the parents and hope the child remembers Pick 6 Sports when they make it to the NFL.  In this situation we would keep the child down at the Pre School / Kindergarten level due to his young age compared to kids at the 1st and 2nd grade level.  
  • Mike is a 7th grader but wants to play with the 5th/6th grade team.  The reminder of the team doesn't want to move up to the older age group.  Mike would not be able to play down and would need to play at the 7th and 8th grade level.

If you fall in a scenario where we would approve you to play up, please do the following when registering for a program:

  • Select the grade level that your child is requesting to play
  • Input your Coach's Name in the Coach Request Field
  • In the Special Request box please let us know that your child will be playing up and has been approved by the coach

If you've already registered or would like to request an approval to play up, please send us an email at or click on Submit a Request at the top of this page.