During the Volunteer to Coach registration process we will collect your top 3 choices on what NFL or NBA team you want to represent. (NFL for Flag Football and NBA for 3 on 3 Basketball)  We assume everyone's #1 choice is the Seahawks, so you don't need to list that as a choice.  We do try to give everyone one of their top choices and also try to rotate popular teams around each season so all teams have a chance to represent their favorite teams.  Please note that we typically order jerseys 30 days in advance so please sign up to coach early so that we can try to get your team.

Below are the steps for volunteering to coach:

  1. Go to Pick 6 Sports Website.  
  2. Select Register Now from the Top Menu Bar
  3. Either Login or Create an Account  
  4. On the Screen "Who would you like to register", Select Yourself
  5. Click the Select button next to the Volunteer to Coach/Background Check program
  6. Fill out the Coaching Application form
    1. Shirt Size - Select the size of coaches shirt you will need
    2. Child to Coach - Please enter the list of kids you'd like to have on your team.  We require you put your child's name in the box at a minimum.  This is helpful in quickly finding your child as sometimes kids are registered by other family members, or you may have multiple kid and helps to know which one you are wanting to coach
    3. Location to Volunteer to Coach - Select your location you are planning to coach
    4. Team Preference - Please list your top NFL or NBA teams you would like to be.  We assume everyone's #1 is the Seahawks so no need to list that them.
    5. Level to Coach - Select the grade level that you are planning to coach
  7. Complete the Background Check
  8. E Sign the Agreements and Waivers
  9. Check Out